DBV Adverse Weather Conditions

Participants in Dragon Boat Racing may be exposed to extreme weather conditions during both training and competition at any time throughout the year.

A variety of weather events, including hot, cold, stormy and polluted conditions may be hazardous to the health and wellbeing of paddlers, volunteers and officials.

Full details and explanation of risks and management can be viewed HERE


Drink plenty of water and utilise shade where possible. Wear a hat and light protective clothing and sunscreen. Be alert to risks of heat stress and alert to the increased vulnerability of juniors and masters paddlers. Training should be modified in length and intensity in response to high temperatures.


Hyperthermia is a risk in cold and particularly windy weather. Ensure adequate layers of suitable clothing to keep body dry and warm. Extra clothing should be readily available for breaks and after paddling. Wind chill is a serious threat when wet.


Poor air quality in particular smoke can be hazardous to health especially for those who suffer conditions such as Asthma. In extreme situations cancellation must be considered.


Lightning is a serious risk and no paddler should be on the water during a thunderstorm. Training or events should not commence or must be suspended where there is a risk of lightning within 10km.