Australian Cross Border Championships
Sat 07 Dec 2024 09:00 — Sun 08 Dec 2024 14:00

Event information

Presented by Dragon Boat Victoria

In partnership with Peisheng, the City of Wodonga and Albury City



Number 1 TBA

Number 2 TBA

A world cup style event

This event differs from usual regattas. The World Cup style concept involves a team competing in both Mixed 20s and Open and women 10s crews across a range of distances:

  • Clubs enter a ‘fixed’ team of up to 28 paddlers (including sweeps, drummers, and emergencies) in a category. All paddlers must be entered on the team list. This list is set at the start of the competition and remains the same over the two days.
  • age categories – Juniors (10-18 maximum*); Premier (no age restriction); Seniors 40+, Seniors 55+, Breast Cancer Participants and All Cancer Participants (no age restriction and modified program) Note* - by 31 December 2024
  • Build your own team; composite teams are allowed ...... call on old paddlers outriggers (anyone you like, to be honest!). If they are not a member, they can use a DBV dragon pass.
  • Sweeps and drummers can be out of age, and any gender.
  • maximum two teams per club per category
  • all teams compete in a suite of 100m sprint , 200m really , 500m and 1km pursuit 
  • all events will be in Peisheng 20s boats.  

The official 1 minute video 

Cost per team

  • $2250 (ex GST) per team

Site map

View the land site here

200m relay map here

1km pursuit map here

Race draw and results


  • 200m relay and 1km pursuit is Open and Womens 10's
  • 100m and 500m are Mixed 20's

Race Schedule:

Day 1 - Saturday:

Races = 1km pursuit

Races = 200m relay

Day 2 - Sunday:

Races = 500m

Races = 100m

DBV By-Laws

View here

Awards and points system

  • Every race counts, with points allocated to every finishing position.
  • Placegetter awards per category, plus the perpetual ‘Southern Cross Cup’ will be awarded to the team winning with the highest number of points across all categories.

View the points system here

Promotion of the sport

  • Show your colours – recognising the drive-in nature of the event it is requested that each club provides their own marquees, signage and seating. We are looking for a vivid display of colours representing the range of teams participating to highlight the sport on Kayo/FoxSport.
  • Tell us about your Club - prior to the event, each club will be asked to provide details including:
    • Your club logo
    • Location
    • Number of members and categories of competition
    • International events attended and dates
    • Names of paddlers who have competed for state and Auroras with dates
    • Achievements of the club
    • Anything you feel the commentators would be interested in knowing
    • Any paddlers from other clubs/states paddling for your club at this event

What Else is on in Albury-Wodonga


Additional Information

  • Accommodation – is readily available within Wodonga and Albury and the surrounding areas.

See special rates for Quest Albury - View here.

See Blazing Stump Motel rooms and facilities here and the brochure here. Rates: $151.00 Junior Suites, $156.00 Executive King Suites, $235.00 2 Bedroom Courtyard Apartments, $255.00 2 Bedroom Executive Spa Apartments

  • Foodlocal vendors available on-site


  • Victorian clubs - via club Revsport
  • Interstate/International register here

Dates and deadlines

  • Any queries contact DBV –
  • Entries are Open Now
    • Name of club and contact person with authority for commitments
    • Category/categories to be entered
    • Any specific queries
  • 19 October: Acceptance of entry notified and Invoice seeking a 30% deposit forwarded by DBV to clubs
  • 31 October: Payment of deposit to DBV
  • 1 December: Final payment due