Ballarat Regatta
27/10/2024 (Date changed)

Event information

The date has changed to 27/10/2024
Ballarat Regatta

In Partnership with the City of Ballarat

Location and Schedule:

Lake Wendouree - opposite Loreto College on Wendouree Pde

9 am-4 pm (Provisional)

Race Draw


Race Map


Site Map

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Free along Wendouree Pde or surrounding streets


Hired unisex cubicles (Includes access all abilities)

Club Marquees: 

All club marquees must be weighted - sand bags, weights, or water weights. No pegs are allowed due to irrigation. 

Distances, categories and divisions:


  • Premier Mixed 20's
  • Senior Mixed 20's


  • Premier Open, Women and Mixed 10's
  • Seniors Open, Women and Mixed 10's


  • Premier Mixed 20's,
  • Senior Mixed 20's
  • Breast Cancer Paddlers 20's
  • All Cancer Participants 10's

Boat sizes used:

Peisheng DBV Standard boats

Schedule: (Provisional)


Sunday 27 October

  • Regatta 9am to 4pm (approx)

Age Categories

Within the Seniors category, the DBV By-Laws specifically enable clubs to put together crews based on age. To provide some flexibility while maintaining fairness, the rules allow Senior A, B and C age crews to include up to two ‘out of age, i.e. younger paddlers in a Standard Boat and one in a Small Boat.  There is no need to apply for an exemption to do this. Clubs can also enter a specific age category by including up to 4 Junior members of their club Clubs in a Small Boat and up to 8 Juniors in a Standard boat, without this affecting their age category. 

Predominant Age Group Out-of-age paddlers Racing Age Group
Senior C 3 Senior B     2 Senior A Senior  B
Senior C 2 Senior B     3 Senior A Senior A
Senior B 3 Senior A      2 Premier Senior A
Senior B 2 Senior A      3 Premier Premiers



The current understanding for DBV Regattas is that a category will not run unless at least three teams are in the category.  In order to provide races for all Senior categories (A, B and C), our Regattas combine the three senior age groups into one senior category.  In an attempt to ‘level the playing field’, we use a handicap system so that the older paddlers are not disadvantaged in any race against younger paddlers. The handicapping system works by providing rounds, not heats and finals. Usually, there are three rounds but sometimes only two, depending on how busy the program is. Times from rounds are added together, and then the handicap is applied. The handicapping system can also be applied where there is a single race, e.g. the 5.5km race at Geelong. The handicapping system does not apply where we have heats and finals.

  • Senior A = 1.00 i.e. the time recorded by a crew is assessed at the actual time recorded
  • Senior B = 0.97 i.e. the time is multiplied by 0.97 to get a revised/handicapped time
  • Senior C = 0.92 i.e. the time is multiplied by 0.92 to get a revised/handicapped time



Which divisions and categories is the handicapped system used and other information:


Victorian By-Laws and other relevant documents

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Volunteers or Officials 

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Adults: $45, Juniors/Students: $22.50

Food and Beverage vendors available


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