How many people are in a boat?

A Maximum of 20 paddlers, 1 drummer and 1 sweep in a standard Dragon Boat.

What Distances are races run over in regattas?

200, 500m, 2km & 5.5km

What pathways or levels of opportunity are available?

Club Member, Victorian Representative & Australian Representative

How many free training sessions do I get?

A Dragon Pass will give you unlimited trainng session dring the 1 month free period - register here

When do you train?

Each club has their own training schedule, visit 'Find a Club' or each clubs website for a schedule

What to bring:

  • You will be in a boat and there will be lots of splashing, so wear old clothes and shoes, as they will get wet
  • A change of warm clothes and towel 
  • Water bottle, sunscreen, sports cap or beanie, sunglasses 

Can I have shower or get changed at the club?

  • All clubs will have toilets and change room options, and check on your club for shower facilities to use after your session
  • Best to come to each training session ready in the gear you will paddle in though

What is provided at a training session?

  • Basic technique training and warm up
  • Paddling on water with various sessions which may include race formats,fun activities and more.
  • Paddle
  • PFD (Personal Floatation Device)
  • Fun

Where can I park?

Each club has parking either on-site or close by, check with the club you are training with on parking options

Can I participate in a regatta or non-competitive event?

  • Yes once you are a financial member of your club you can particpate in regattas and events
  • Each regatta has an entry fee ranging from $21 for students/Juniors and $41 for adults
  • Some non-competive events and activations have no cost to participate
  • Visit the 'What's On' section on the DBV website for more info